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Perfect for Consultants

Finally an all-in-one app designed by Direct Sales Consultants, for Direct Sales Consultants! We know exactly what you need to make running your business a breeze.

Increase Sales And Find Genuine Contacts

Be visible to customers who are actually interested in your products. Customers will have instant easy access to you, and automatically be added to your database.

Everything You Need To Run Your Business

Take advantage of a long list of features designed to make your business simple and time efficient.

Shop And Sell In One Place

Run multiple businesses, and easily switch between selling and shopping within the app.


Absolutely! You can add as many businesses as you like and never have to pay any extra. You will have a separate customer database for each so it doesn’t get confusing. You can also customize the features relevant for each business.

Your customers will need to download the app to connect to you. You can share a unique link to the app with them that will connect them directly to you once they have downloaded it. You can also save a QR code to your device that will do the same thing. You can print it out for customers to scan. Otherwise when they download the app, they can search for you in the consultant database.

For customers, yes! For consultants, the current version of the app will always be free. We are working on improving our app and adding lots of exciting new features. When the new version is ready, you will be given the option to switch to the new version for a small monthly fee, or cancel your account.

Yes. This is just a way for you to have full access to consultant features until the new version is available. The new version will be available well before the 12 months. When it is, you will be notified and given the option to switch or cancel before any charges are made.

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Awesome for Customers

Designed to make shopping in Direct Sales simple and easy for customers. Supporting local small business entrepreneurs just became effortless!

Easy Access to Your Favorite Companies

Select which companies you would like to shop with and be instantly connected with an Independent Consultant near you.

Stay Up To Date

Never miss a special, with updated news directly from your Consultant.

Everything You Need In One Place

One-touch access to your Independent Consultant, as well as product catalogs, video tutorials, shopping links and much more!


Easy to Shop

Select all your favourite companies, connect with a consultant from each and have constant easy access to News, Specials, Tutorials and much more, all with one touch.

Easy to Run Your Business

Everything you need to run your business, in one place. Manage your customer database, set reminders, post to social media, upload videos and much, much more!

We Know What You Want

Designed by Direct Sales Consultants for Direct Sales Consultants. We know what you need, to make your life easier.

24/7 Support

Contact us anytime! We love feedback and suggestions.


The App is completely FREE!
While we know you will love using "My Pocket Consultant" as it is, we are already working on a better version with lots more great features and improvements.
Enjoy full access to all of our available features without having to pay a thing!


FREE Forever



** DISCLAIMER: Current version of app is free, but subsequent versions which include extra features and improvements may require a small monthly fee. Either way, no commitment. Ever. Cancel any time.

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